Monday, July 18, 2011

Recently finished Placing Routes 4th mural!

See the process photos here.

Due to the extreme heat, and the bureaucratic process, this was one of our most complex/tough projects to date.

Many thanks to the Downtown Austin Alliance for the arts grant we used to fund this project!

Side note: we've caught various people using the mural a backdrop. See images below. The first shows a Harley Quinn posing, the second shows a couple getting their engagement photos taken in front of it, the third (somewhat vaguely) a group of people taking turns imitating butterflies, and the fourth photo shows someone pretending to catch the butterflies... and last but not least, a response from the office building across the street.

*many thanks to D. Buckman and A. Wegmann for contributing photos!

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  1. It's AMAZING! The color is incredible and it's already a landmark - so exciting!! Big fat hugs and congratulations to you both. xoxo megan